Ecoline Waste Plastic Plant

Main advantages of this technology
  • The recycling process is environmentally friendly;
  • Closed system;
  • Semi-automatic;
  • No harmful emissions;
  • The recycling process requires only water and electricity;
  • 21 hours of operation per day;
  • Line operation requires 2 people per shift;
  • The line is based on support frames which can be adjusted according to the height level;
  • All types of plastics can be recycled including thermoreactive ones;
  • At the request of the customer, the line can be equipped with an energy module that can cover 95% of self-sufficiency. The power unit can be adapted and prepared for ON-80 gasoline, mazut or unreacted synthetic gas;
  • Average line service life is 20 years;
  • The warranty of the line is 12 months;
  • Production of the line takes no more than 8 months.
Ecoline Technology Modules

The line consists of 5 technological modules:

• The module for raw material preparation;
• The module of pyrolysis in a hydrogen environment and the preparation of
syngas (salt reactor with an intermediate coolant);
• Liquid hydrocarbon synthesis module;
• The module for the separation of synthetic oil into fractions;
• Module for processing separation products into commercial products;
• The energy (self-sufficiency) module is not

Processing of mixed plastic waste into diesel

Each line can process mixed plastic waste up to 400 kg per hour
From 1kg of mixed plastics you can get the following products:




Diesel fuel


Gasoline fraction

Ecoline Installation Requirements

Installation Site Requirements

• The line of 5 support frames covers an area of not more than 120m2 and a height of 3.5 meters;
• The line can be installed in any area with an appropriate level of fire safety as well as in open areas under a roof. The platform should be flat but a special foundation is not required;
• Also optionally, the line can be equipped with 6 * 40 feet thermostatically controlled containers adapted and modified specifically for this line. These options are not considered for hot climates;
• Constant temperature in the room or in the open area should not be lower than +10C;

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