Ecoline Waste Tyre Plant

Main advantages of this technology
  • The recycling process is environmentally friendly;
  • Closed system;
  • Semi automatic;
  • No harmful emissions;
  • Full sulfur recovery into commercial product with a purity of 99.98%;
  • To ensure the process requires only electricity and water;
  • 21 hours a day;
  • Line service doesn’t require more than 3 people per shift;
  • The line is based on support frames which can be adjusted according to the height level;
  • All types of tyres are recycled;
  • At the request of the customer, the line can additionally be equipped with an energy module
    that can cover 68% of self-sufficiency. The power unit can be adapted and prepared for
    ON-80 gasoline, energy fuel oil or unreacted synthetic gas;
  • Average line service life 20 years;
  • The warranty on the line is 12 months;
  • The production of the line takes no more than 8 months
Ecoline Technology Modules

The line consists of 6 technological modules:

Raw material preparation module;
The module of pyrolysis in a hydrogen medium and preparation of synthetic gas;
Sulfur recovery module;
Liquid hydrocarbon synthesis module;
The module for separation of synthetic oil into fractions;
Separation of products processing module

The line for processing scrap tyres into diesel fuel

The line recycles 400 kg of scrap tyres per hour
The output products from 1 kg of scrap tyres:


Energy mazut


Diesel fuel


Gasoline fraction


Pure technical sulfur

Ecoline Installation Requirements

Installation Site Requirements

• The assembly line on 5 support frames covers an area of not more than 100m2 and a height of 3.5 meters;
• The line can be installed in any room with an appropriate level of fire safety, as well as in open areas under a canopy. The platform should be flat but a special foundation is not required;
• Also, optionally, the line can be built into 6 * 40 foot thermostatically controlled containers adapted and modified specifically for this line. This option is not considered for hot climates;
• Constant temperature in the room or in the open area should not be lower than + 10C;

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